Yesterday, I was biking home from a long day at work. I have a summer cold and my energy is low, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes. Ugh. But I didn’t feel bad enough to not go to work and we had a lot going on so I needed to be there. I dragged my beloved bike out and pedaled to work. The movement made me feel a little better. I gave myself extra time so I could bike at a leisurly pace.

After work, still feeling about the same, I headed home. Once away from the building i realized a thunderstorm was brewing. Big scary looking black clouds were gathering right were I was headed!  A little lightening got thrown in. Great. I started pedaling faster and worried i was not gonna make it before it poured. My imagination had the following to consider: hit by lightening (always the dramatic ones first!), getting soaked and getting sicker, getting hit by a car because the rain was so heavy that a car couldn’t see me…(the drama actually grows!).

As a result, I pedaled FAST. All the way home. My final 4 minutes were a race. The sky was BLACK. The temperature was dropping. The wind was picking up. I was sure I was gonna get it. BUT I got home 10 min before the rain started. And then it sprinkled. Ha! Gotta love Wilmington weather!

My dramatic experience  did spell out the need to have a back up plan. I really could have been inundated and even though my thoughts veer to the dramatic, shit happens.

My  back up plans: I travel a lot of my route on Kerr Avenue. There are numerous businesses that I could duck into and lock my bike outside. I could call a cab from there if I needed too. A reminder to carry some cash (or have it at my destination) and make sure my phone is charged and in a waterproof pocket.

Being more self sufficient is about learning. Learning your limitations (not feeling hot), recognizing the environment around you (changing weather) and taking action accordingly.

I feel like I’m getting better and better at the skill of commuting on a bicycle.