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We had discussed how we would get around when there were a lot of errands to run and thought of renting a car once a month. Interestingly a friend is thinking of living on her boat and trying to figure out what to do with her car and she thought of renting it to folks! So cool. When she is ready, we will be here!

But for now, the regular ol’ Hertz seemed like a good idea. Then DH had the idea of asking my mother who lives in town, to be my chauffeur. Since I’d be asking to go several places, I’d insist on buying us a cute lunch and we’d have the added benefit of spending time together. I’d rather spend money on her than Hertz. Truly.

So, we arranged to meet a few days ago. We embarked on:

2 of our 5 gallon water jugs that needed filling

a big stack of books to donate to library, books that needed returning (and one to pick up),

trip to grocery store for ice (no ice maker, yet! also, ice no fun on bike…)

bank to make a deposit

Michael’s craft store since in that area and I have  gift card to use.

We finished it all up with sandwiches at Red Robin since it is right by Michael’s.

We did have a good time, the lunch money was better spent than on a rental car and always fun to hang with me mum.

For future trips, we have learned:

library is 30 min ride, almost all the way on bike path. Nice. We go a lot.

After moving and focusing on downsizing, we got rid of most any book that the library already has (all my Harry Potter’s have gone!). So that big trip with loads of books was a one time occurrence.

Bank is in that same direction but hey, I can mail checks to be deposited. Most are direct deposit anyway so this is not a regular trip.

Michael’s – well, with the whole frugal living to pay off house fast, I just don’t NEED anything there. Maybe we will save it and buy crafty things for grandkids for Xmas.

In conclusion, I realize we will need the car for errand day less than I thought. maybe once a month? Gotta get that icemaker soon!