My stepson Nathan, car salesman extraordinaire, sold our car and brought over the moola last night! It is official. We are car-free!!!

I get to call the insurance company this morning and say CANCEL that car insurance. WOW. I am sooooo looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, my co-worker Bill just sold his car! He is now car free. His SO still has a car but he is an adamant biker so it sounds like he will be officially car free.

It is interesting to talk to the full range of people on the subject. Many just get this confused look on their face and clearly, the idea of no car is incomprehensible. It is no wonder as so much of our society is organized around driving, parking lots, pay for parking, gas prices, comparing auto insurance.

We are gearing up to hit the beach and NOT PAY FOR PARKING. 

That will rock so hard.