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Last week I burned the bee-jesus out of my hand at work. I could not finish work nor could I bike home as I had to keep my hand in ice water.  I knew I could not press on the handle bars or use brakes with my hand hurting so much and well, biking with your hand in a bowl of water seemed impossible.

I called a cab and a very nice co-worker offered to take my bike to the house in the back of his truck after he got off work. Excellent. Cab ride was $9.50 and I gave a nice tip. I have not yet thanked co-worker properly, trying to think of something nice he would appreciate.

We had anticipated this happening, finding a situation where we really needed transportation other than biking. Our budget figured even with 15 cab rides per month (at roughly $10 a shot or the equivalent of $150) we would still be ahead of owning a car.

Our gas and insurance costs were running an average of $150 month. That was how we got the $150 month number. But that number does not include other costs of car ownership like taxes, tags, maintenance, inspections, emissions, and the ever increasing repairs our 10 year old car was requiring.

We know there will be times we will rent a car. They run about $30 day plus gas. We would schedule running errands with the car at those times too to make sure it was a good use of the rental car.

For example, At the end of this month, we have family visiting and they are staying at a beach house that is not a bike ride we want to take. We had thought to rent a car for a day to spend time with them in a relaxed way. At the same time, My mother asked us to cat sit for her and during that time, one of their cars will be left unused in the driveway. she is offering the car in exchange for cat sitting. Win=Win!!

When we can share resources and all get our needs met in a pleasant comfortable way, we do all win.

Sometimes it just takes a little creative thinking and willingness to consider options that aren’t immediately available.

I enjoy reading Jacob’s writings on http://earlyretirementextreme.com/changing-habits-or-changing-the-habits.html

He always brings things up that I would NEVER think of regarding living styles as it pertains to saving money. His site often has a  helpful mind exercise to consider the non-considered.

He wrote about many people actually having the option of living comfortably without a refrigerator. I was perplexed. I could not fathom the concept. He mentioned most refrigerators being cold holding tanks for endless condiments (that would be me) and lots of folks wind up throwing away at least half of the produce weekly. Since most people don’t eat lunch at home, breakfast is simple  and that lots of things could just be bought daily for a fresh and unique dinner plan there really wasn’t any compelling reason to own one.. He did say he thought a FREEZER was a really good idea.

We are still talking about the fridge-free life. For now, it is just an exercise at seeing what life would be like . When we can stop and ask do we really need something instead of going on auto pilot, we give ourselves a lot more options.